Online Presence: Facebook or Personal Website?

If you or your company need a professional online presence, what should you have? Facebook or Personal Website

There are benefits from having both.

Social presence
Access to millions of potential clients or fans.

Post comments or images that may include links to your products or articles with ease -- for free.

Read comments from your followers and learn about your audience.

Your followers will share the posts they like with their Facebook friends, increasing exposure to your page -- at no cost to you.

Send out very targeted advertisement.
Your very own website
Having your own domain name makes you or your company look more professional.

There is practically no limit to the features you can have on your site.

The look & feel of your site can be unique which gives you a better online identify.

Keep a contacts list that is independent from other sites, and reach them on your terms (i.e. newsletter).

Make money online (with Adsense, Infolinks, personal advertisement, etc.)

We Can Design and Construct Your Website
and Link it to Your Facebook Page

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